About Us

Mark J. Voytik, President

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I have 40 years of experience in the construction industry, primarily building and managing commercial projects. Having been an owner, project manager, and estimator for the past 35 years, I have learned that communication and teamwork are imperative to the successful completion of any project. As a construction manager, I draw upon my decades of experience as a general contractor to diligently plan, manage, and identify factors that could have a negative impact on project completion.

For all of my projects, I utilize a team-based approach that is centered on communication and accountability, and I extend this practice to my clients as well. Having worked on several projects for school districts, I understand the critical issues of working with school administration, monitoring the project schedule, and ensuring the safety of students and staff throughout the project. As the father of two elementary students, I recognize the importance of saving money for the school district.

I constantly evaluate the project for opportunities for savings and value engineering, and I approach all projects as if I am the one paying the bills. As the president of Voytik Construction, I will be there each step of the way to ensure that every aspect of the project is delivered safely, efficiently, and professionally.

Team Members:

  1.  Mark S. - Construction Consultant w/ 40 plus years in construction experience; Laborer, Carpenter, Equipment & Excavation Operator, Supervisor, Foreman and Project Leader.
  2. Dan K. - Project Management w/ 43 plus years; Heavy & Highway Construction, Excavation, Concrete, and Turf.
  3. Troy M. - 35 plus years in construction experience; Laborer, Carpenter, Equipment Operator, Supervisor, and Project Leader.
  4. Mike S. - 40 plus years; Business Ownership, Supervision, Purchasing & Inventory Management, Facilities Operation and Construction Management.
  5. Lori V. - Human Resources, Office, Sales & Administration Management.